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Bos Celtnieciba is STOEBICH representer in LatviaSIA "Biznesa Optimālā Sadarbība" Celtniecība "" is the representative companies Stöbich Brandschutz Gmbh (Germany) in the Latvian Republic and the supplier of its production in territory of Latvia.

Company Stöbich Brandschutz Gmbh, being the manufacturer of unique production of fire-prevention appointment, successfully works in the markets of Europe within 33 years.
Now this fast-developing enterprise having own industrial base and the research centre, the centre for preparation and improvement of professional skill of shots, has the certificated system of quality ISO 9001 and is the leader of the European innovative technologies in the field of fire-prevention protection.

Bos Celtnieciba is STOEBICH representer in Latvia

We offer You:

Smoke protection closure
Flexible fire protection closures
Conveyor system closures
Fire protection doors / gates
Tube sealings
Fire protection hoods
Control units, hold open devices, smoke protection units
Emergency power supply
Special applications for medical facilities

Bos Celtnieciba is STOEBICH representer in Latvia

Into the list of services "BOS Celtniecība" on application of production Stöbich Brandschutz enter:

- Technical consultation on optimum ways of the decision of questions of fire-prevention protection with application of production of company Stöbich;
- Delivery to a warehouse or object of the buyer of systems of fire-prevention protection Stöbich;
- Installation (installation) and starting-up and adjustment works of all delivered production;
- Service of the established designs under the separate contract.

Having a limit of fire resistance EI 120, protective curtains and barriers from a smoke and fire of company Stöbich in case of a fire provide:
- Possibility of evacuation of people, irrespective of their age and a physical condition outside on territory adjoining to a building before threat of their life and to health owing to influence of dangerous factors of a fire;
Possibility of rescue of people;
- Possibility of reduction of time of access of staff of fire divisions and giving of fire extinguishing means to a seat of fire, and also carrying out of actions for rescue of people and material assets;
- Fire non-distribution on nearby the located premises and buildings, including at a collapse of a burning building;
- Restriction of a direct and indirect material damage, including contents of a building and a building, at economically well-founded parity of size of a damage and expenses on fire-prevention actions, fire protection and its hardware.

Fire-prevention veils can be built from nonflammable fabrics in any configuration and at need to protect the necessary site of a premise.
Fire-prevention curtains are in an initial condition curtailed into a roll under a ceiling. Their lifting, and lowering is carried out automatically. The wide choice smokeproof and fireproof curtains allows you to apply them in any premise - from a warehouse to theatre.


Without destroying the created interior, products Stöbich Brandschutz Gmbh or will easily be entered in design of a premise, or will be hidden in special a trench to be put in action in due time!!!

Examples of application of production of company Stöbich Brandschutz Gmbh on a site www.stoebich.de

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