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LAMILUX Smoke Exhaust Systems RWA (EN-12101-2)

Production LAMILUX are used in systems on heat removal and a smoke. LAMILUX Smoke exhaust systems RWA find application first of all in building industrial and office buildings for increase of factor of safety according to the rules of fire-prevention protection EN-12101-2 established by the law. They carry out the vital functions: if in a building there is a fire, installations of removal of a smoke take away poisonous smoke gases through automatically opening shutters which have been built in systems of a daylight. Our upstand is made of GRP both warmed industrially by a polyurethane and possesses Factor of heat conductivity of 0,5 W / (m2К).

We offer You –

Glass designs
Light walls Systems of Smoke Exhaust  (RWA)

Smoke and heat ventilation systems
Automatics of management of Smoke Exhaust

Bos Celtnieciba is LAMILUX representer in Latvia

!!! Pay attention - Possible expenses on replacement of bad quality products by a roof
are incommensurable in comparison with a choice of the correct decision!!!

Aspiration to a sunlight

The daylight is well perceived anywhere: on a desk, manufacture and at home. Working capacity and good state of health on a workplace and in premises in many respects depends on that, how many a natural daylight the person in an everyday life receives. To spend a daylight to the closed premises is not only the idea of modern architecture, this growing tendency with participation of LAMILUX is traced already throughout 50 years.

The company „Biznesa Optimālā Sadarbība" Celtniecība "" is guided in the activity by a principle of fair partnership, giving to the Customers the maximum possibilities in achievement of objects in view.

All information can be received on a site www.lamilux.com. Experts «B.O.S.Celtnieciba” will consult you concerning application of production LAMILUX and will help to realize your projects.

Once again it would be desirable to pay attention to company LAMILUX CI-ENERGY brand – custom intelligent energy – correct use of energy from the consumer.


The future in building in a greater degree depends on innovative offers and the complex approach to the building concept, and also considered and an energy effective utilization, as is sense of the resources of activity of people of 21st century conscious and directed on an effective utilization.

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