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Our partner - Company HOESCH (ThyssenKrupp) Bausysteme - the leading manufacturer in Europe of building materials for facade and roof of sheet steel with organic coating.
HOESCH Bausysteme makes innovation steelmaking World Concern ThyssenKrupp in expert solutions to industrial and commercial land development, offering a unique set of specialized solutions for architects, engineers, designers and developers across the four product lines CreativeLine, SpecialLine, ClassicLine and ArcticLine . In addition, actively engaged in the improvement of steel as a building material, offering innovative solutions in response to the demanding requirements of modern architecture.

Bos Celtnieciba is Thyssen Krupp Steel representer in Latvia

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Quality is crucial. This is especially true when it comes to building materials. Products HOESCH (ThyssenKrupp) Bausysteme subjected to strict quality control and have the appropriate certificates - especially in the field of security.

 Video about HOESCH (ThyssenKrupp) Bausysteme products.   

As a reliable partner of our customers, we and the company HOESCH (ThyssenKrupp) Bausysteme provide:

  • - expert advice
  • - assistance in solving their problems
  • - compliance with delivery deadlines

Unlike competitors' products from HOESCH (ThyssenKrupp) Bausysteme certified in the European Union and confirmed by certificates DIN 4108, DIN EN 13501-1, DIN18 807, DIN 4102-2,3 class material D0, D1 and D2.
Thermal conductivity of certain types of panels may be necessary to DIn EN ISO 6946 - 0,11 W/m2K.
Systems soundproof panels make it possible to reduce the soundproofing walls up to 34 dB, with the length of the panel up to 16m.
The unsurpassed German quality is not contested in the world, meticulously in production and confirmed by the calculations of years of service products ThyssenKrupp & HOESCH Bausysteme customers.

Purvciema street 18, Riga, LV-1035 Phone: +371 67817047 Fax 67817048 bos.c@dot.lv

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